Zeppelin Raid – 100 Year Anniversary Commemoration

On the 31st January 2016 a number of events were held in Loughborough to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the deadly raid on the town. The centre-piece of the events was the unveiling of a large bronze plaque at the site of The Rushes bomb, a central thoroughfare. The plaque was designed by artist Paul Gent and Natalie Chabaud in a joint project between the Carillon Tower War Memorial Museum and Charnwood Arts. During the day a guided walk took participants through a re-enacted tour of the sites of the bombing followed by a number of evening events including the unveiling of the plaque at exactly the same time  – one hundred years before  –  that The Rushes bomb was dropped.

On the previous night Loughborough Scout groups camped out beneath the arches of the Great Central Railway line to Nottingham to commemorate the exodus from the town by many people concerned about attacks by further raiders. Their fears were not unfounded as there were nine raiders that night and Burton on Trent was attacked by three of them. In the end Loughborough only suffered an attack by the L20 airship before it joined two others in bombing Burton.

This film was made by Anna Lucia Sadler to help raise money from public subscription for the memorial. The Zeppelin Company also generously donated £1,000 towards it.




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