Tommy Atkins Band – aka Billy Atkin’s Folk Band

As its musical director Bill Brookman created “Tommy Atkin’s  War”  –  a folk band of up to eight musicians.  Numbers finally settled at around four or five and the name was modified to “Billy Atkin’s Folk Band” with a play on the moniker of ‘Old Billy.’  Rehearsals were weekly or bi-weekly during busy periods performing for six planned and about eight further ‘legacy’ events in East-Midlands-wide venues.  The music was a combination of WW1 popular songs, parodies, ballads, hymns, folk and contemporary folk and even one in Hindi; performed on piano, harmonium, church organ, guitar, woodwind, recorders, brass and percussion with solo, choral and harmony singing. Many hundreds of people attended events at which the group played and a special Zeppelin Raid doggerel was also performed in multiple locations around the town as part of the Night of the Zeppelin community play.

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