Public War Debate – Was Haig A Butcher?

“Haig – Has History Been Fair” this was the starting point of the debate that brought to life the complexities of the great war. The debate was chaired by Bill Brookman, the proposer was: Dr. Neil Faulkner (historian), the second proposer was Dr. Ray Sutton MA, PhD (historian), the main opposer was Dr. Matthew S. Seligmann MA, DPhil, FRHistS (reader in History, Brunel University London) and the second opposer was Michael Woods MA (an expert in strategy and tactics). The event was well attended and dealt with the subject from a range of different perspectives including political, social and military standpoints.

Public War Debate Film – at Loughborough Library

A film of the debate has been made that is publicly available to view on YouTube that focuses on the Public War Debate.  Using still images from the debate combined with Imperial War Museum (copyright obtained) and other source contemporary images, the film provides a documentary account of the debate.  The film is held together by a visual narration presented in front of a large ‘war map’ by Bill Brookman.  Loughborough Boy’s Brigade were also involved in the creation of the film by ‘demonstrating’ or re-enacting some of the issues raised in the documentary.

Public War Debate Film 

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