Loughborough Carillon Tower and War Museum


There were many memorials created across the towns and villages of Charnwood. There was much discussion in Loughborough as in towns all over England, about suitable memorials. The War Memorial Committee asked for suggestions to be sent to them by the 2nd May 1919. Some of the Ideas discussed in Loughborough were for almshouses or for a sculpted town memorial such as the one in Quorn by Joseph Morcom who also designed the memorial in Loughborough Parish Church. Another popular idea was for a new hospital or health centre.

Records show that In 1913 the hospital was in deficit by £572. During the 1914-1919 war period, some 1,585 soldiers passed through the hospital and put a considerable strain on its facilities. A room at the Baxter Gate church opposite was used as an overspill ward and Nanpantan Hall was also used for wounded soldiers.

The proposal for the Carillon was made by Wilfrid Moss who had lost his son Harold. He had been inspired by a visit to Belgium and seen a Carillon there and thought it would be fitting to construct something similar in Loughborough. Other ideas were also put forward and these were ultimately submitted to a poll. The result of the poll showed that the Carillon idea was backed by the majority gaining 287 votes, closely followed by a monument with 265. The commission for the bells for the Carillon went to Taylor’s whose own family losses were so great in the war.

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