Legacy Projects, Initiatives and Other Outcomes

Although the project officially finished in April 2017 work relating to WW1 and some of the changes it brought to British society continues beyond. The Night of the Zeppelin community project has already led to a further historical play (based on the Luddite attack on Loughborough) and there are plans for a new project and play focusing on Loughborough’s Suffragettes and the attainment of votes for women in the post war period.  Charnwood Arts will continue to reveal more about the war locally through its People Making Places programme and on-line resources.

Within the project there has been the opportunity to consider the plight of those servicemen who died one hundred years ago as well as other experiences of conflict, separation and loss that have impact on the diverse communities of the town even today.  Project activities such as creating and displaying the Poppies and Peace hangings, brought different groups together for the first time which inspired further initiatives including ‘Charnwood Chai’  –  an invitation for anyone to get to know their neighbour over a nice cup of tea  –  an idea sparked in conversation on the project trip to the Imperial War Museum.  Through its partnerships and interactions the project has found many in the borough, to which those men did not return, who would wish to honour them and has provided an opportunity for anyone who wishes today to make a small step, one hundred years on, towards a peaceful future.

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