Anand Mangal Singing Project – widening participation

In 2015 Billy Atkin’s Band visited the Anand Mangal group and engaged the members in singing songs such as ‘Long Way to Tipperary’ and ‘Pack up Your Troubles’ accompanied by a period harmonium, an instrument typical to worship on the battlefield.  The ladies recognised it as also being part of their own cultural heritage and joined in the songs playing simple percussion.  Afterwards one of the group made contact saying they would like to, similarly, share their ‘songs of war.’

With Billy Atkin’s help, a number of sessions took place bringing them to performance standard.  They sang their ‘war song’ as part of the ‘“Night of the Zeppelin” community play supported by members of the band presented in All Saints with Holy Trinity Church in May 2016.  The play commemorated the 100 year anniversary of the night a Zeppelin dropped bombs on the town of Loughborough including some that damaged homes and buildings near to where the ladies live today.  The song was also performed to rousing acclaim at the Loughborough Mela in 2016.

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