About the Project

Work on the project began long before May 2014. As with any such initiative someone has to have an idea and that idea has to become a conversation. That conversation took place between the Reverend Rachel Ross and Janet Grant in the previous year and focused around the hidden and largely forgotten memorials to those of the parish who had died in World War 1 and World War 11.

More conversations followed and by the Autumn of 2013 these involved All Saints with Holy Trinity Church, the Bill Brookman Foundation, Participation in Action and Charnwood Arts. This soon became an advanced call to action and various consultation events took place to gauge interest and support for the idea(s) – because now there were a number of things on the table.

All of these discussions with people around Loughborough confirmed a great interest and a decision was made to proceed with a funding bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund. To cut a long story short we were successful – with Charnwood Arts acting as the lead body.

From the beginning there were stalwart volunteers involved in uncovering the stories of those who were named on the memorials kept in All Saints with Holy Trinity church. The project took many twists and turns as it developed – connecting with the work that other people were doing in so many ways. At the core though were three  main aims.

Our first plan was to restructure the presentation of the memorials to the Fallen in All Saints and to give them a more prominent position in the name of remembrance. Secondly, we wanted to engage people with the stories of those who had died on those memorials and also to remember the ten people who were killed in the Zeppelin raid on Loughborough. Thirdly we wanted to engage people directly in conversations and actions that would highlight discussions around what the First World War meant and how it affected the lives of people and why it was still relevant today.

The primary image and text contributions for the website have come from Kevin Ryan, Madeleine Coburn and Bill Brookman.